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UK Property Market Latest News

According to the latest information on the real estate market, the number of tenants who are seriously lagging behind debt to pay the rent almost rose to the highest level in the UK for these two years in the second quarter of 2015. Or actually currently 74,000 residents who already owe more than 2 months rent which shows that more than 5,000 households are in significant arrears from last year. Annual growth of 7.2% until the second quarter of 2014, […]

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GUARANTEED RENTAL SCHEME: Latest Market News: Guaranteed Rental Scheme is the best rental service provider in UK rental market

Guaranteed Rental Scheme is the place which is dominating in the current UK rental market for a long time. For the best renting service in the UK, we can give you the desired service. It is a full management service and available to everyone. If you want to achieve the maximum possible profit, then calling us will be the wisest decision.   Reasons for using our rental service: – Guaranteed Rental Scheme will ensure the monthly rent of your property […]

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