10 Questions to screen your tenants so you get a good one

Often we hear bad stories about tenants who make a mess in the apartment, or not paying the rent. We guess that this is a nightmare for the owner. Therefore, we will share some tips to solve this problem together and find a great rent guarantee scheme.

  1. Why Are You Moving?

You need to be focused on finding a great rent guarantee scheme. It gives a lot of information about the tenant. Is it because of the job or wants more space.

  1. When Do You Plan On Moving In?

Logically, given the circumstances when you are looking for an apartment is not liked you plan it should be. It is possible to happen a lot of things changing the workplace, salary or maybe domestic abuse. If he/she wants to move tomorrow, he/she is an irresponsible person.

  1. What Is Your Monthly Income?

If his income is twice higher of the monthly rent, will give you the information that the tenant will be able to afford your apartment and pay on time.

  1. Will You Have the Security Deposit and First Month’s Rent Available upon Move-In?

You should never negotiate with the tenant about move-in if you don’t pay the full amount in advance. Do not make exceptions on this question. You do not want to start a contract with the tenant who already owes you money.

  1. How Many People Will Be Living In the Apartment?

More people than actually is allowed is a major risk to the health and safety of all that will cost a lot, especially you as owner.

  1. Can You Provide References From Your Employer and Former Landlord?

Get information from a previous employer about your prospective tenant. So you will know whether the potential tenant has a secure job and income.


  1. Will You Sign and Consent to a Credit and Background Check?

If you want to explore your prospective tenant with these two questions but he doesn’t allow you then eliminate it from the list. You don’t need additional problems.

  1. Have You Ever Been Evicted?

It is worth to try with direct questions if they have been evicted to find out more about. Perhaps passing through a difficult period and this is their new start, leave space for an explanation.

  1. Do You Have Any Pets?

If you have a “no pets” policy it is best to know right away because later you will have big problems with the tenant.

  1. Do you have any questions?

In this case, you give an opportunity for the tenant to find out more things about your property you offer. Also tenant has the opportunity to see more features for you home and become more attractive to live.

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