3Let Guaranteed Rent Scheme in Bedford Bedfordshire: For the best Property Management in Bedford Bedfordshire

3Let Guaranteed Rent Scheme in Bedford Bedfordshire: For the best Property Management in Bedford Bedfordshire

Guaranteed Rent in Bedford Bedfordshire with 3Let

3Let works hard to deliver the best property management service in Bedford Bedfordshire. We work closely with our landlords and tenants to deliver a personal service tailored exactly to their needs.
We offer our landlords a free property management service, where we vet all tenants, conduct regular free inspections and we also offer a guaranteed rent scheme in Bedford Bedfordshire.

We are a friendly and professional property management company operating in Bedford Bedfordshire.

Our rent guarantee scheme provides you with between 1 to 5 years worth of guaranteed rental income. What’s more, there’s no catch and no fees involved!

Guaranteed Rental Scheme in Bedford	Bedfordshire

Guaranteed Rent in Bedford Bedfordshire

We understand as a property management company that the biggest drawback of owning a rental property is those periods in between tenants. A buy-to-let property is no good as an investment if it isn’t making any money. This is why we offer a great guaranteed rent solution.

Most of our landlords use our guaranteed rental income scheme. We have our own list of tenants waiting to move into properties. But just in case there is a void period, should happen, and for some reason your property should be without a tenant, we offer a rent guarantee scheme in Bedford Bedfordshire.

3let’s Rent Guarantee

Our rent guarantee scheme is suitable for both existing landlords and potential landlords. If your property is accepted onto our scheme, you will never have to worry about rental income again.

We simply guarantee your rent. You don’t have to fill in any forms or claim forms. With 3Let you will receive a guaranteed rental income for as long as your property is without a tenant.

Unlike other schemes for guaranteed rent in Bedford Bedfordshire, we also guarantee you a no void period and we also provide our property management services to you completely free of charge. With our rent guarantee scheme there are no commission fees, no admin fees and no management fees to pay.

We will regularly inspect your property, to ensure it is well-maintained and that everything is as it should be, ready for when you do get a tenant again. We will also continue to advertise your property, to show it to prospective tenants and to keep you informed every step of the way. And you can relax knowing that all the while this property is empty, you are still guaranteed rent payments and are still receiving a monthly guaranteed rental income.

How to apply for 3let’s Rent Guarantee scheme

We are at the moment looking for properties in Bedford Bedfordshire for our guaranteed rent scheme. All properties must be clean, in a good state of repair, fit for human habitation and safe.

Guaranteed Rental Scheme in Bedford	Bedfordshire

Guaranteed Rent Scheme in Bedford Bedfordshire

If you have a property that you think meets our criteria, contact our team of property professionals and we will arrange a time to come and talk to you and inspect the property. We make formal offers within 24 hours of seeing the property. Please note we require the relevant gas and safety certificates but we can arrange these for you if required.

You then decide if you want the building rented for between one and five years. We will then manage the property for you and ensure you receive a monthly guaranteed rental income. There are no void periods, no periods when you will not be guaranteed rent.

Once your property is accepted onto our guaranteed rent scheme you will no longer have to pay council tax bills or utility bills for this property. You will, however, still have to pay building insurance.

We think our rent guarantee scheme offers the perfect solution for anyone wanting to make guaranteed money from their property in Bedford Bedfordshire. Contact us today to see if our guaranteed rental income scheme Bedford Bedfordshire could help you.

Arrange a valuation for your property to get onto our guaranteed rent scheme Bedford Bedfordshire. Contact us on 020 8694 8098 or fill in the Quick Call Back Form now.

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