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Guaranteed Rental Scheme: Housing Proposals Suggested by UK Prime Minister David Cameron

David Cameron the Prime Minister of United Kingdom takes measures in his hands, which announce plans for building cheaper homes intended for those under 40 years, which for the first time buy but also to use public land for homes. George Osborn said in an article that having an own place is an important part of our economy. We do not want to be a country that if you are rich, then you can buy real estate, but if you […]

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UK Property Market Latest News

According to the latest information on the real estate market, the number of tenants who are seriously lagging behind debt to pay the rent almost rose to the highest level in the UK for these two years in the second quarter of 2015. Or actually currently 74,000 residents who already owe more than 2 months rent which shows that more than 5,000 households are in significant arrears from last year. Annual growth of 7.2% until the second quarter of 2014, […]

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Essential Section 21 update for letting agents: Important changes just weeks away

Important changes have been made in real estate agents and landlords, just weeks before the politeness of the law on deregulation. The main changes actually take place in section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 or known as Section 21 Notice. Michelle Cox for the faithful readers of Eye has specially written introductions which specifically focus on this theme which talk about the main reasons that should be aware. It will be no possible the rule to serve a Section […]

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Lewisham property management: Latest Market News: 12 ways to make your flat look good on a budget

It is very important to keep pace with modern civilization so that you can feel better and make it more elegant and attractive. To make your home a good one is also a part of this. Lewisham property management can give you some valuable tips to make your flat look good on a budget. 1. Crowning molding It increases the beauty and makes a room look finish or completed. It brings the roof and the walls together and also provide […]

Tenant eviction: Latest Market News: 8 ways to select a good tenant

As a landlord, you are basically giving an outsider the keys to your property. Taking the time to choose the right tenant for your property is an essential approach to secure your speculation, otherwise, tenant eviction may be required. Here are a few approaches to identify the good and loyal 1. Be aware of the Housing Rules To find the right tenant following the rules of the housing is a must. You should not discriminate about origins, religion, race, sex […]


10 Questions to screen your tenants so you get a good one

Often we hear bad stories about tenants who make a mess in the apartment, or not paying the rent. We guess that this is a nightmare for the owner. Therefore, we will share some tips to solve this problem together and find a great rent guarantee scheme. Why Are You Moving? You need to be focused on finding a great rent guarantee scheme. It gives a lot of information about the tenant. Is it because of the job or wants […]

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Preparing your property for rent 10 Tips

Many people think about renting the apartment or house whether the reason for more income and saving funds. Perhaps to save on monthly expenses and bills but whatever it is you need to think well before you make the move. It may be caused more problems than you can imagine. Therefore, we will give you a few concise points to avoid the risks about renting with a great rent guarantee scheme.   Responsibility To be follow the rent guarantee scheme […]

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Guaranteed Rent News: Top 10 DIY home improvement tips in the UK

In the current property market in England, it is very difficult to find the best guaranteed rental service. Besides, you have to know about some home improvement tips to get the best guaranteed rental service. Home improvement tips can make your home more beautiful, more attractive and also can reduce your cost. You may practically use it to get good results. Here are 10 key points that may help turning your place into a better, sweet home. Guaranteed Rent‘s DIY […]

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Guaranteed Rent News: Top 11 tips when viewing a property to purchase

In the current property market in England, it is very difficult to find the best guaranteed rental service. Besides, you have to know about some factors to purchase a property to get the best guaranteed rental service. Would you spend few minutes seeing a property that will be your home for a long time? Try not to remember the things you ought to have searched for after you have left. Guaranteed Rent‘s property purchase tips 1. Is there damp? The […]


GUARANTEED RENT: Latest Market News: Best guaranteed rent service provider in England

It is very important for landlords to make the correct choice about Guaranteed rent service and it depends largely on the responsibility and risk that they are ready to take. For the best renting service in The UK, we can fulfill your demand. It is a full management service and available to everyone.   Benefits of using our service Guarantee your rent We will ensure the monthly rent of your property. No matter what its size or location, we will […]