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UK Property Market Latest News

According to the latest information on the real estate market, the number of tenants who are seriously lagging behind debt to pay the rent almost rose to the highest level in the UK for these two years in the second quarter of 2015. Or actually currently 74,000 residents who already owe more than 2 months rent which shows that more than 5,000 households are in significant arrears from last year. Annual growth of 7.2% until the second quarter of 2014, […]

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10 Questions to screen your tenants so you get a good one

Often we hear bad stories about tenants who make a mess in the apartment, or not paying the rent. We guess that this is a nightmare for the owner. Therefore, we will share some tips to solve this problem together and find a great rent guarantee scheme. Why Are You Moving? You need to be focused on finding a great rent guarantee scheme. It gives a lot of information about the tenant. Is it because of the job or wants […]

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Preparing your property for rent 10 Tips

Many people think about renting the apartment or house whether the reason for more income and saving funds. Perhaps to save on monthly expenses and bills but whatever it is you need to think well before you make the move. It may be caused more problems than you can imagine. Therefore, we will give you a few concise points to avoid the risks about renting with a great rent guarantee scheme.   Responsibility To be follow the rent guarantee scheme […]

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